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Philosophy & Religion

BA Theology

3 years

€890 pa

Programme profile

This programme is aimed at the interdisciplinary study of the Christian traditions in the context of a multicultural and multi-religious society and world. It is aimed at preparing students to engage in independent theological and interdisciplinary reflection on the Christian traditions. At the same time, the programme also intends to stimulate interest in the mutual relationships between the various Christian churches and between Christianity and the other world religions.

By the end of the programme, the student is expected to have acquired knowledge of and insight into the fundamental concepts and methods of both: theology in relation to its distinct methodological perspectives; religious studies, interreligious dialogue and the study of the major world religions. The student will also have gained knowledge of and insight into the fundamental concepts of important auxiliary disciplines in their relationship to the phenomenon of religion (philosophy, sociology, psychology)

Programme content

The programme is divided into the following component groups:

Theological Components:
Students take five Theological Components every stage.
Biblical Studies
Systematic Theology
Theological Ethics
History of Church and Theology
Pastoral Theology

Religious Studies Components:
Students take two Religious Studies Components every stage.

Philosophical Components
Students take one Philosophical Component every stage.

Students are required to take one elective during the first stage and two electives during the second and third stage. Students are required to take at least one subject in the field of Classical Languages and one subject in the field of Canon Law during the first, second or third stage.

Classical Language Components
Canon Law Components
Philosophical and Anthropological Components


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Theology & Religious Studies
- Canon Law

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels + 3 GCSEs

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H4




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