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Fredrikstad is a city  in Ostfold county in Southern Norway.

Along with neighboring Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad forms the fifth largest city in Norway: Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg. They have a total population of 123,029 with 71,976 in Fredrikstad and 51,053 in Sarpsborg.

Fredrikstad is the best preserved fortress town in Scandinavia. The local attractions include Fredrikstad Museum, Elingaard Manor and Kongsten Fort.

The riverwalk has a lot of restaurants and bars and, in the summertime, especially, it is a very busy area where people go to eat, drink a beer in the sunshine by the water and in general have a good time.

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Fly to Rygge from: Dublin, newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, London.

Bus from Rygge to Fredrikstad: 30m