Genova (Genoa) 

Genova (Genoa)


City profile

Genoa, is the capital of Liguria. With a population of some 600,000, it is the sixth largest city in Italy. The largest sea port in Italy, it is a city of multiple faces: one of past grandeur, another of decaying poverty and another reflecting its hustle and bustle as a port. Its extensive old city, with its twisting maze of caruggi (narrow streets), is largely intact. 

The city's once-tatty port area now hosts museums and a number of eating and drinking options. Its old town, too, has had its own far more organic revitalisation, with a bright new crop of fashionable shops, restaurants and bars lighting the way.

The local restaurants, with affordable menus, are popular with students (note that the popular Pesto sauce originated in Genoa), and its many food markets are a joy.

City Travel

Direct flight from London. There are no airlines that fly directly from Dublin to Genoa, so you will need to fly to Milan. Train journey from Milan is less than two hours.