City profile

Messina, with a population of nearly 240, 000, is the third-largest city on the island of Sicily (though the metropolitan area of Messina has over 280,000 inhabitants). The city's is a major seaport (commercial, military and cruise-liners) and a major market hub for local agricultural produce, including wine, lemons, oranges and olives). 

Messina has a light rail system but the main mode of transport between Sicily and the mainland is its varied ferry system

Today the city is growing and developing along the coast, and due to the violent earthquakes that have struck the area on several occasions and areal damage and bombardment during the second world war, it is almost completely modern. Learning from past lessons, modern Messina is constructed with safety in mind. Streets are wide and buildings relatively low


City Travel

Messina is 60 miles from Catania airport. There are limited flights from Dublin to Catania and daily flights from London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham