City profile

Szeged , with a population of over 170,000,  is the third largest city of Hungary. It lies on Hungary's south-eastern border, just south of the mouth of the Maros river on both banks of the river Tisza.

The town centre is a mixture of beautiful historic buildings, communist-era architecture and wide avenues. Szeged is known for its local, traditional food, especially  its Fisherman's soup (Halászlé), which is made from various freshwater fish using lots of paprika (this is not necessarily spicy, but you can definitely order it that way).

Szeged is a University town and it has a very active night life throughout the school year. The high school and college crowd gets mixed up at most places, although some clubs try to target specific age groups with their events. Most places have entrance fees, but offer discounts if you have a student ID. Regular fees are around 500-1000 Forints depending on the day of the week, the place and the event. Parties are advertised to start early at night, but the crowd doesn't start to gather really until about midnight or 1AM (!!!) and usually party until the morning


City Travel

Fly to Budapest from: Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Manchester

Train from Budapest to Szeged: 2.5h