Wiener Neustadt 

Wiener Neustadt


City profile

With more than 40,000 inhabitants, Wiener Neustadt is the regional centre of south-east Lower Austria.

Its dynamism is represented by the presence of the Regional Innovation Centre, the Technology Centre, the Fachhochschule, 'Arena Nova' [Austria's largest arena] and the 'Civitas Nova' Business Park.

The city offers activities for young and old: there is a number of cinemas, a theatre steeped in tradition, coffee houses, restaurants, and bars. Wiener Neustadt has become famous for its 'Spring in Wiener Neustadt' Festival, where many cultural events take place during the months of March until June - outdoor pop concerts by famous rock groups, open air concerts by the Philharmonic Orchestra or operas performed by the ensemble of Verona on the local church square.

In addition to a bustling city centre, with quaint shops, crooked streets and outdoor coffee houses, there are several parks located in the city .

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Train from Vienna to Wiener: 30m