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Bachelor Business Administration (Global)

4 years

€11500 pa

Programme profile

Acccording to Emlyon:

"Our Global BBA is more than the excellence of one of the best renowned business schools in France and in Europe. The pedagogical approach is based on experimentation and on an openness to the world via its multi-campus tracks. Resolutely looking towards operational management, our Global BBA not only allows you to learn the fundamentals and develop skills aligned with such high academic level, but it is mostly a means to build and create by yourself academically and in companies. Your learning environment will thus be marked by this unique approach, and being a maker will open new horizons"

Fees increase to Eur 12500 in 2nd year and Eur 13,000 in 3rd Year

Programme content

In fourth year, you can specialise as follows:

Saint-Etienne Campus:

Branding and Marketing Management
Creative Technologist
Digital Marketing
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
International Business

Paris Campus:
Marketing in Luxury Industries
Marketing in Sports

Shanghai Campus:
Doing Business in Asia

Casablanca Campus:
Doing Business in Africa

Entry Requirements

3 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H5




01 November

30 April