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History & Archaeology

BA Archaeology

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

In this programme, you will study past societies – from the Celts and the Romans to the Middle Ages and beyond – and their importance in today’s world. Not only will you research and excavate the material remains of human activity, but you will also learn how this translates to knowledge about earlier cultures.

Urban expansion, road building and railway construction: a lot of building takes place across Europe. Before the construction starts, an archaeological survey is always conducted. This is one of the reasons why there is a need for archaeologists who can lead excavations and interpret the results. The study of Archaeology not only concerns the past, but also the present: as an archaeologist, you reflect critically on the role of archaeological heritage in our society.

The programme pays attention to the study of pottery, glass, metal and other materials, the relationships between human and landscape, and the presentation of research results in various media.

Programme content

First Year
You are given an an overview of archaeological methods and techniques. The programme has been constructed in such a way that you will be given increasing freedom to follow your own interests. You will learn about archaeology and about contemporary societies in Europe.  You will also delve into cultural history and sources ranging from Antiquity up until today and connect them with landscape. Your first year will conclude with a fieldwork trip, in which you will learn how to excavate.

Second Year
The second year will provide you with more specific archaeological knowledge, in which a few themes take centre stage: urban culture, ritual and religion, and heritage. A lot of attention is also devoted to archaeological materials and to academic and digital research methods. Apart from that, you will go on excursions and you will conclude the year with a work placement or with fieldwork

Third Year
During the third year, you can broaden your knowledge by doing minors or delve deeper into a specific subject instead. Moreover, you will take two courses aimed at conducting academic research: Death and Commemoration, which concerns how humans dealt with death in the past, and Lieux de Mémoire, which concerns places that have been used in the present and past for the purpose of remembrance. You will conclude the year by writing your thesis about a subject you have chosen yourself from within the field of archeaology.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H4




01 October

01 May