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Liberal Arts & Sciences

BA/BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences

3 years

€4528 pa

Programme profile

This programme is jointly run by University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam at University College Amsterdam [AUC].

A liberal education teaches you to read intelligently, think critically and write effectively. At AUC you will be trained to analyse complex issues from different perspectives and academic fields of knowledge. The programme challenges you from day one to think about the "big questions' in society and science, and you will learn how to participate in debates on them. As students of today and leaders of tomorrow, you need to learn how to cooperate and compete at the international level.

You design your own individual study programme, making a selection from among the many modules offered. You can major in the sciences, social sciences or humanities. Your module options will be influenced by your choice of theme and major.

Fee includes standard state Tuition Fee of 2143 plus an Institutional Fee

AUC has an alternative start date every February [Application Deadline: 01 Nov]

Programme content

Year 1: You take one "Big Question" module and select your theme for the programme, doing one module on the theme. You have a free choice of 2 or 3 other modules from a wide range of disciplines: . In addition you need to do 4 or 5 modules in an "Academic Core" such as Research?Methods & Statistics, Calculus & Algebra and Logic.You take a course in?a Foreign Language.

In Years 2 and 3, you focus on a major in either Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences. Major modules are chosen?with one of the following themes in mind: Energy, Climate and Sustainability, Life, Evolution, Universe, Health and Well-being, Information, Communication, Cognition, Social Systems and Cities & Cultures.

The themes contain modules in the following 'concentrations':
Sciences: Health; Biomedical; Biology; Chemistry; Earth & Environment; Physics; Maths; Information

Information, Communication & Cognition: Information; Communication; Cognition

Social Systems: Health; Anthropology; Environmental Policy; Economics; Law; Political Science; International Relations; Sociology

Cities & Culture: Literature; Film; Art History; History;


Students can progress to Masters programmes in a wide range of subjects in Universities in the Netherlands and abroad

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels. [BBB preferred]. Maths requirements depends on your preferred major [specialisation]. For science major, a minimum of Grade B at A-Level is required. For Social Sciences, Grade C at A-Level Maths or Grade A in A-S Maths is required, and, for Humanities majors, a minimum of A grade at GCSE is required.

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 3 Advanced Highers {Grades A-C] and at least 4 Highers [Grades A-B]. Subjects to include Maths.

See also 'other requirements' below

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate, at Higher level, including at least three at H4.

Maths requirements depends on your preferred major [specialisation]. For science major, a minimum of H2 in Higher Maths is required. For Social Sciences, H4 Maths is required and, for Humanities majors, a pass in Higher Maths is required.

See also 'other requirements' below



Yes: Letter of Motivation

Whether or not you will actually be offered a place at AUC will depend on "your academic excellence; your level of proficiency in English and Mathematics; your motivation and ambition ; and your commitment to contribute to AUC's international life"

01 October

01 June