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Business & Economics

BA Business Consultancy International

3 years

€363 pa

Programme profile

This programme is an intensive and challenging business degree programme, where you gain a solid foundation in a wide range of management as well as consultancy skills.

Programme content

As part of the programme, you need to take one of the following specialisations:

International Management and Leadership (IML)
This specialisation focuses on developing strategic skills related to all global HR challenges and the ability to manage and lead by understanding human, social and organizational processes in the international business arena.

International Accounting and Finance (IAF)
The IAF specialisation focuses on finance and accounting in an international context addressing current challenges and issues facing the world’s international companies, financial institutions and markets.

International Marketing and Sales (IMS)

This specialisation focuses on improving analytical and creative skills in order to solve global business challenges. Students are trained to identify consumer trends and based on these tendencies to create strategic marketing activities.


Graduates can progress to a MSc Business Consultancy International.

Entry Requirements

3 A-Levels and 3 GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert [inc. 2 x H5], inc two languages and Maths

Yes: aptitude test


Yes: Letter of Motivation

01 February

30 June