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BA Computer Graphic Arts

3.5 years

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Programme profile

The Computer Graphic Arts (CGA) program focuses on developing strong storytelling components of images using art, design and computer graphics as the medium. With a strong 3D technical component, this program aims to provide skill sets that cover all areas of a CG production pipeline.

Programme content

The first year of the programme concentrates on the foundations of artistic practice with several modules related to design and concept art and theory. Furthermore, students receive a thorough introduction to Maya® and Adobe® and begin working with most aspects of the Maya pipeline. The students then learn how to integrate 2D and 3D elements into their projects and when either should be used by evaluating the available resources. CGA students also undertake short productions at various points during the year both on their own and with the Character Animation (CA) students to gain their first experience with essential production skills in communication, teamwork and project completion.

During the second year, the students build on the strong foundation from their first year by incorporating more collaboration through various projects with the Character Animation program. The Commercial Project provides experience in film analysis, art direction and the refinement of skills working through the Maya pipeline. The students also work with more complex quadruped characters (Project Q) that they will incorporate into a visual effects (VFX) project. Near the end of the second year, students take classes in preparation for idea development for their bachelor projects. These classes may include script and story development, cinematography, film analysis and pitch presentation.

Third year students from the Character Animation and CGA programmes come together to form production teams to create their bachelor projects which may include films, games or other creative ventures. The teams collaborate to plan and manage the complex project and learn the importance of adhering to deadlines. These productions allow the students to specialize in a particular area of interest as they contribute to the overall team dynamic, preparing them for the demands of the job market.

Students participate in a three month internship in a production studio during their final semester in order to establish themselves in the professional work environment.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels

Six passes at Leaving Cert [inc two H5]

Yes: Portfolio and Assignment



01 February

15 March