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Information Technology

Digital Media, Game Design & Animation

BA Digital Communication

3 years

€12000 pa

Programme profile

Where did the idea of Instagram, Uber or similar innovative "startups" come from?†What cultural processes involved in phenomena like Facebook and Twitter are affecting our society How many things can we do with the pocket or wearable device that we always carry with us? What can we do to make a smartphone app easy to use?

The programme lays the theoretical and practical basis for the training of professional figures capable of answering such questions, through the use of methodologies and tools necessary to address the dynamics and demands of a complex and constantly evolving market.

Communication is the foundation of the networks, ubiquity, big data and social networks society, and it will be increasingly so in the age of robotics and artificial intelligence. Professionals specialised in the field of digital communication are indispensable in a world in which technologies evolve more and more rapidly and in which it is difficult to distinguish a "digital" economy from the more general economic and social ecosystem. It is equally difficult to imagine a service or a product without communication, that is without the set of information and tools that allow not only to implement it, but also to make it known, exchanged and improved.

This programme aims to create new skills capable of facing these challenges, in a society in constant revolution, crisis and regeneration. The theoretical study is aimed at the knowledge of the world success stories related to the processes that are revolutionizing job searching, transport and tourism (such as sharing economy platforms including LinkedIn, AirBnb, Uber, Booking), to the last frontiers in the fields of digital entertainment and production and distribution of contents also in streaming (Netflix, YouTube and Spotify services), as well as to the social impacts of technologies on the creation of new models in politics, culture, scientific communication, advertising (Facebook, Google, Instagram) and in publishing.

Programme content

The programme offers the options of two specialisations (majors):

This major shapes professionals able to work in the games industry at international level, allowing them to become specialised in different areas of the sector, including both the design and development and communication and marketing. Students acquire specific competences related to the creation of videogame products, as well as to the ability of properly placing them within an ever-changing market. The course is carried out in collaboration with Vigamus, the only Museum of Videogames in Italy.

Communication & Innovation

In this major, students will come to understand digital communicationís paradigms and languages, as well as the new content and formats for the entertainmentís sector of the near future. Students will acquire skill in designing digital and multimedia products, services and contents as well as understanding digital markets and the management of new entrepreneurial projects.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H5




30% - 50% Scholarships are available

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