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BA English Language & Culture

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

This programme looks at all aspects of the English language and literature: modern and historical linguistics; the history of the English language; literature from the Middle Ages down to the present day, from Britain, the United States and all parts of the English-speaking world; and the socio-political and cultural history of the English speaking world.

The Groningen Department of English Language and Culture aims to represent a wide range of theories and approaches rather than just one stream or school. The second and third years enable students to specialize to a certain degree in Modern Linguistics of English, Modern Literature or Historical Language and Literature.

As part of this programme, students can spend 1 or 2 semesters studying at a university in another country.

Programme content

Year 1: Pleasures of the Text; English Linguistics; English Literary Texts in Context; Introduction to Premodern Literature; Sociolinguistics; English Literary Texts in Context; Electives, including subjects such as Film Analysis, International Politics and International Law

Year 2: Shakespeare & Early Mod. Engl.Literature; Adulterous 'Idols' in Medieval Romance; English Linguistics: Sounds; The Long 19th Century English Literature; Saints and Sinners in Medieval England; English Linguistics: Language in Use; Electives

Year 3: Modernism and Beyond; History and Development of English.Language; English Linguistics : English Words; Minor Electives; Electives, including World Literatures in English; Language & Culture of Anglo-Saxon England; Global English; Theses


Groningen offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- American Studies
- Modern History & International Relations

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (Grades between A and E) + 3 GCSE (Grades between A and C), including Maths

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H4




10 October

01 May