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Politics & International Relations

BA European Studies: Politics & Culture

3 years

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Programme profile

Europe is complex. In order to fully understand Europe and the European Union, more than one national or scientific perspective is required. European Studies at Malmo University provides you with a multidisciplinary approach to Europe in an international setting. During the programme you will work actively with cross-border cooperation during the courses and in your research. The programme is built to give students a real experience of European mobility together with historical perspectives and knowledge about how the EU functions.

During the second year you will have an opportunity to study abroad and/or do an internship giving you practical experience outside the traditional classroom setting.The programme will enable you to work in regional and national organisations that seek people with knowledge and understanding of European institutions, histories and culture.

Programme content

Introduction to European Studies;
Academic Writing and Rhetoric;
From Early Modern to Post-communist Europe;
The European Union: a historical and institutional overview;
Organising European Space ;

Theme Option 1: Politics, nationalism and aesthetics in Early Twentieth Century Europe OR Globalisation, culture, identity;

Research Methods and Group Research project;
Power and Policy-making in the European Union;
Inter-disciplinary theories in European Studies;

Theme Option 2: Urban Images in literature and film OR European Union as a global actor;

Two elective semesters: additional modules, internship and/or study abroad;
Bachelor's thesis


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Global Political Studies
- International Migration and Ethnic Relations
- European Studies

Entry Requirements

A total of 5 subjects from A-Levels, A/S Levels and GCSEs, two of which must be A-Levels

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths




18 October

19 April