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History & Archaeology

BA History

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

Why should we be concerned with the past? After all, aren't we living in the here and now? In the History programme you will learn that historical studies are not just about the past, but are also about the present: you will use your historical knowledge to understand contemporary events.

In the first year you will become acquainted with history from antiquity to modern times, though not necessarily in that order. From the second year, you can choose a History track or an International Relations in Historical Perspective track. You can also do an internship or study abroad.

Programme content

In first year, you will be introduced to Ancient History. Medieval History, Modern History and Contemporary History, in Global and European contexts

From second year, you will choose your specialisation:

International Relations in Historical Perspective
You will learn to understand current issues by focusing on the underlying past. For example, you will be assessing how the integration of six countries in Western Europe lead to the founding of the European Union. You will learn how Germany came to play a central role in the EU despite the legacy of World War II. You will find out to what extent current conflicts in the Middle East were caused by the colonial past. You will also gain insight into the ongoing debates between political scientists and historians on the role of leaders and the global balance of power. 

As well as giving you thorough knowledge of the past and a good understanding of historical events, the History track will also teach you to place more contemporary developments into historical perspective. You can choose between four specialisms:

- Antiquity and the Middle Ages
- Political history
- Cultural history
- Socio-economic history.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels plus 3 GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, two at H4




01 October

01 June