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History & Archaeology

BA History

3 years

€2168 pa

Programme profile

During this programme, you analyse historical social changes and learn how historical processes continue in today’s society.  Developments in politics, economics, science and culture follow each other in rapid succession. Large-scale conflicts in the world bring uncertainties. People are seeking information from the past to understand these changes. Experts who can connect past, present and future with each other are very useful. Government, industry and the cultural sector ask historians to make those connections and interpret them.

This programme is unique, in that you study the past thematically and you focus on social change. In the programme you learn all about the past. However, you primarily look at history and historiography through a social, cultural, political and economic lens. This means that you study history thematically and not based on historical periods, as is usual in many other programmes. Themes include the development of Ports, trends in the fashion industry, modern history and world history.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels plus 3 GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert [inc 3 x H4]



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01 November

01 June