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Hospitality Management

BA International Hospitality Management

3.5 years

€10580 pa

Programme profile

The Hospitality Management programme is designed to give you knowledge of specific management issues and skills in key areas such as restaurant management, food & beverage management, yield management, distribution, e-commerce and sustainability in hospitality. It is the only hotel school in Germany to be included in the "Leading Hotel School of the World?.

The infrastructure of the Bad Honnef campus incoporates a fine-dining restaurant, a demonstration kitchen and a wine lab for the students' practical training.

Underlining the programme's emphasis on practical experience a"Practical Programme", offered during the first two semesters,which includes nutritional Science, Wine Seminars, In-Restaurant Service Training and Practical Kitchen Management

Programme content

The three core elements of the programme are:

Business Economics: including Mathematics, Statistics, Integrated Service Management, and Finance & Accounting.

Industry-specific Modules: including Restaurant Management, Food and Beverage Management, Rooms Division Management, Law & Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry and Hotel Engineering

Skills Modules: including IT applications, foreign language courses, Business Communication

Internship: a five-six month internship outside Germany enables students to turn their academic knowledge into practical experience.


The university doesn not currently offer a related Masters programme, taught through English

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels + 3 GCSEs

6 passes at LC, inc 2 x H5. 400 points preferred


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01 January

01 August

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