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BA International Migration & Ethnic Relations

3 years

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Programme profile

Migration and its effects on a global scale have become one of the most fundamental issues concerning societies worldwide. Governments, corporations, politicians and individuals all over the world try to grasp the possibilities and concerns of increasing mobility on a global scale. International This programme addresses these issues. Refugees from war-torn regions of the world, people seeking to find jobs and a decent living away from their country of birth, executives in multinational corporations; they are all part of migratory movements.

This programme studies the effects of migration at a global and national level, on the formation of ethnic communities, religious groups and families, to find out how policies could facilitate integration and hinder segregation and racism in societies worldwide. It also addresses fundamental issues concerning concepts such as culture and ethnicity.

Malmo is also one of the cities in northern Europe with the largest proportion of newly arrived migrants. It is therefore an exciting place to study the effects of international migration and ethnic relations and we collaborate with the surrounding society concerning these issues.

Programme content

International Migration and Ethnic Relations
Academic Writing
Culture and Representation
Challenges of Ethnic Diversity Migration
Politics and Social Welfare
Research Methodology
Two elective semesters: additional courses, internship and/or study abroad
Bachelor's thesis


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- Global Political Studies
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Entry Requirements

A total of 5 subjects from A-Levels, A/S Levels and GCSEs, two of which must be A-Levels

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths




17 October

19 April