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Applied Sciences

Communications & Media

BA Media & Culture

3 years

€2143 pa

Programme profile

Theatre performances use film and new media. Television seeks to interact with its viewers through social media. Films consist of computer-generated imagery. These trends signal the need to study the interconnections between the different media. This approach is precisely the focus of the Bachelor’s programme in Media and Culture.

Programme content

This programme studies different types of media in a broad context and in relation to one another. You learn about the history, theory and larger social context in which different media function. We put great emphasis on developing academic skills in order to analyse a film, television programme, game, dance or theater performance.

The programme  provides you with opportunities for you to meet a diverse range of professionals in the field, such as programmers, curators, producers and policymakers (for example, people responsible for city marketing). The interaction between students and professionals is further underscored by the possibility of doing an internship in the third year of the programme.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H4




01 October

01 June