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Performing Arts

BA Performing Arts

3 years

€12000 pa

Programme profile

This is the only programme in Italy that combines practical performing arts training with a university degree and aims to train professionals specialised in in visual, scenic and multimedia arts.

The course was designed to maintain a balance between the historical and critical study of performance ​​and the experience of practical workshops thanks to a study plan that, on the one hand, reinforces the historical, humanistic and literary training - an indispensable background for the development of more practical and specialized skills - and on the other it offers activities more specifically aimed at practical training objectives, related to specific employment prospects in the sector of entertainment and audiovisual media industry.

At the end of the course the student acquires a complete vision of the project realization processes in the artistic field and is able to actively follow the entire production chain.

Students will major on one of three fields-

- Performance
- Film making
- Production

Programme content

The performance major is aimed at building your profile as a contemporary actor, able to interpret, but also design and take part in cultural and entertainment projects in the fields of theatre, cinema and TV. The mahor combines a tough theoretical academic knowledge and the practice achieved through labs and work experiences, led by excellent key actors of the sector.

This major offers the necessary tools to work in this sector: a sound theoretical knowledge and a practical introduction to the main techniques of writing, filming, production and post-production.The Filmmaker is much more than a director or an author in the field of show business as, they not only design and conduct set-up projects, but also deal with the production of content in the sectors of cinema, TV, advertising and multimedia.

This major
shapes your path as a production manager, an all-round operator in the design and implementation of cultural projects (theatrical, cinematographic and audiovisual).


All majors permit you take part in selected workshops in the following areas:

Musical Theatre
These workshops are aimed at deepening the study of dance, specifically the "musical" genre. The study plan is divided into a technical part (specific bases, body posture, rhythm study, etc.) and a repertoire section (choreography).

Scenic movement
Aimed at making the body a fully expressive means of communictation, through movement and mastery of space

These workshops are provides you with technical training and the necessary interpretative sensitivity in the field of acting, together with the full awareness of the staging processes and the professional contexts. You will also be able to develop your skills in: singing, diction and use of voice

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H5




30% - 50% Scholarships are available

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