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Philosophy & Religion

BA Philosophy

3 years

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Programme profile

Philosophy develops students’ intellectual abilities like no other academic discipline. It trains intelligence, the ability to understand new information, capacity for understanding other people and cultures; philosophy teaches how to properly interpret the behaviour of individuals and societies. It fosters imagination and, most of all, makes it easier to put together a coherent general world view as well as to determine the aims of human life

Programme content

The programme includes the following obligatory modules:

Introduction to Philosophy; Ontology; Logic I [General Methodology and Introduction to Formal Logic]; Ancient and Medieval Philosophy; Recent Polish Philosophy: the Lviv-Warsaw School; Epistemology; Logic II [Formal Logic] or Logical Semiotics; Modern Philosophy; Latin; Analytic Philosophy; Current Continental Philosophy; Ethics

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels, inc Foreign Language. Maths recommended plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, History, Computer science

Six passes at Leaving Certificate [inc 2 at H4]. Sujects to include Maths and Foreign Language plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, History or Computer Science




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