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BA Urban Studies

3 years

€2168 pa

Programme profile

This is an interdisciplinary programme to combine humanities, social sciences, law, science and language. Its graduates are exactly what cities need to solve their problems, given that our increasing urbanisation means that understanding cities is becoming ever more urgent and relevant.After the first, introductory year you will learn more about four relevant themes, namely, -

- the multicultural city
- the safe city
- the healthy city
- the sustainable city

Moreover, by choosing electives, a minor and an internship in year two, mapping out your career path is largely in your own hands.

Note: if you need accommodation through the university's Housing Office, you must apply by 01 April

Programme content

The first year, which is a thorough introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Urban Studies, will acquaint you with the basic concepts and theories of urbanisation. You will gain insights into the emergence and functioning of cities and the important role they play in economic, social, cultural and ecological sustainability. Methodology and acquiring academic skills are also essential parts of the first year

In year two you’ll extend your knowledge by following classes in the programme’s four themes: the multicultural city, the safe city, the healthy city and the sustainable city. You’ll also choose elective courses on two themes, in which, by the end of the year, you will have become specialised. Also in year two, you will acquire methodology skills and learn about the job market by setting up a project for an external partner.

The first semester of year three is reserved for electives, a minor, an internship or studying abroad. Your focus and thesis will now be on one of the four themes. By choosing electives that fit your chosen theme, you can determine your own career path. You will also be able to work towards fulfilling the entry requirements of your preferred master’s programme after Urban Studies. The second semester is for two research seminars and your thesis

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels (CCC)

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 3 at H4. Minimum points: 400. (Note: some LC subjects are deemed not sufficiently academic by Leiden are not counted. Check with EUNiCAS)




01 October

15 June