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BBA International Business

3.5 years

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Programme profile

This programme aims to equip the graduates with the knowledge, skills and understanding required in challenging positions within international business. It also strives to produce graduates who can work independently and communicate with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

A stream in International Marketing aims at giving students the knowledge and skills to undertake various, demanding tasks in the field of marketing and customer service. Graduates of International Marketing have found positions as Market Supervisors, Team Managers, Development Directors, Sales representatives and Account Managers. International Marketing includes studies in marketing intelligence, strategic planning, CRM, brand management, languages and intercultural communication, for example. The students will carry out various field projects related to the specialisation.

The stream in International Trade qualifies graduates for planning, leadership and training positions requiring competence in international trade. Former graduates are working as area Export Managers, Entrepreneurs, Logistics Managers, Purchasers, Export Operators. International Trade includes studies in internationalisation process, international business strategies, global supply chain management, languages and intercultural communication. The students will carry out various field projects related to the specialisation

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels

Six passes at LC, inc 2HC3




Copy A Level or Leaving Certificate results usually need to be received by the university before the end of July

09 January

23 January