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Information Technology

Digital Media, Game Design & Animation

Bachelor Games & Entertainment Technology

3 years

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Programme profile

In this programme, you will learn to design video games and other digital products for entertainment and learning. You will learn to make products for web sites, standalone and mobile devices. What you make can be used for education, entertainment, advertising and other experiences.

Programme content

During your first year you will learn about design principles for game development and how to develop games for web deployment. This founds the basis for further development of more advanced games created in subjects in the 2nd and 3rd year. Classes also focus on skills like storytelling and drawing.

Game programming and animations (in 2D and 3D):
Some subjects will give you deeper understanding of programming and animation in a 2D and 3D setting. Additionally you will learn skills and knowledge in developing, managing and documenting games with the proper functionality and interface to give users a good experience.

Mobile technologies and databases:
Developing modern video games also requires understanding of data storage and information management and how to use this when creating games and exchanging data across the internet. Knowledge and skills regarding databases, video game engines and cellular networks requirements and limitations also forms an important part of the program.

Project management, innovation and entrepreneurship:
The programme fouses throughout on projects and teamwork. You will be working with external companies and organisations learning how to communicate with them while also handling situations and problems individually and as a team. You will also be working with issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The school hosts different events such as Game Jams and workshops for this purpose. Many students also choose to start student companies, and the school provides support and facilities for this.

Entry Requirements

Three A-levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 at H5.



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01 January

15 April