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Business & Economics

BSc Business & Economics

3 years

€157-2157 pa

Programme profile

This programme is aimed at international students who are aspiring to assume market-oriented managerial or consultant positions within an international setting.It aims to provide graduates with the skills required to approach and manage specific issues related to the international dimension of businesses and organisations in product and service markets.

In order to develop an all-round knowledge of the issues of international markets, the programme also provides skills covering all main business functions.. For example, working in sales and marketing, with a solid grounding in international market economics, graduates will have to interact with production, negotiating product development; with finance, negotiating investments in new products and services, and with the company organisation, negotiating and deciding on the management of sales networks and incentive schemes.

The programme is therefore designed to develop both solid skills in economic fields, studying the foundations of economic processes inside and outside the company, business management, quantitative economics and law, as well as skills in marketing and financial, strategic and organisational business management.

Legal studies is covered, providing knowledge used to define legal frameworks, particularly in the fields of business governance and contracts. The programme also deals with the issues of internal monitoring, particularly concerning performance assessment and management control.

The programme also allows students to consolidate their language and computing skills, as well as develop general interpersonal skills,

Note that there are two tracks for Business & Economics at U. Bologna, one in Bologna and one in Buenos Aires (Applications: 12th June-5th July or 11th Sept – 18th Oct).  Spanish Language an entry requirement. The first year in Buenos Aires and students have the option to spend the third year in either Bologna or Buenos Aires

Fees are calculated on the basis of family income

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels (related to Business and/or Economics) and Three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate [inc 2 x H4]. inc three subjects related to Business and/or Economics

Yes: SAT



Scholarships available

18 February

16 July