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Business & Economics

Business & Management

BA Digital Management

3 years

€169-7500 pa

Programme profile

Digital transformation is rapidly changing economy and the society we live in. It is redefining business models and radically changing the competitive context in which companies operate. These societal and economic changes give rise to new jobs and new roles within organizations. It is therefore imperative for universities and business schools to prepare students for these new jobs and roles.

This programme has been designed by Ca’ Foscari University, one of the oldest business schools in Europe, in cooperation with H-FARM Education’s Digital Transformational School, one of the most innovative business schools in Europe focused on preparing students for the jobs of the future.

H-Farm is one of the top 20 European business accelerators (and the first in Italy), which allows students to study in close contact with the startups being incubated in H-FARM

Tuition fees are charged with reference to family income

* there is sometimes a second (later) applications round

Programme content

Course modules are highly interdisciplinary and span diverse fields such as management, computer science, economics and law to deepen the students’ understanding of digital transformation and equip them with the instruments to exploit the opportunities brought about by digital technologies.



The university offers Masters programme, through English, in the following subjects:
Accounting and Finance
International Management
Economics and Finance

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels. Ideally these should be relevant to subject.

Six subjects at Leaving Cert [inc 2 x H5]. Ideally, these should be relevant to subject.

Yes: TOLC plus SAT



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