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World Bachelor in Business

4 years

€18000-47000* pa

Programme profile

According to the university “the World Bachelor in Business (WBB) represents a bold new undertaking in higher education. For a pioneering group of 45 studens the WBB will provide unparalleled opportunities and challenges. During four years of study, students will live on three continents where they will learn from internationally renowned teachers and scholars. They will explore diverse cultures and push themselves to new limits.”

In Los Angeles, students will  explore the emerging relationships between technology and entertainment. They will meet with financial leaders in Hong Kong to discuss the global banking industry. In Milan, they will consolidate their economic and management knowledge as they study the complexities of integrating the many countries of the European Union. After a fourth year at the partner school of their choice, World Bachelor in Business graduates will possess analytical, social and linguistic skills that will uniquely qualify them for careers in a rapidly changing business arena.

Fees set with reference to different host university for each each year of programme Year 1: $US51,000 [=approx Eur47,000] Year 2: $HK200,000 [=approx Eur24,000] Year 3: Eur18,000. Scholarships and Loans available.

Programme content

Students begin their programme at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. From its location in the heart of Los Angeles, USC Marshall is integrally connected to Pacific Rim industries. Year two takes students to Asia for an intensive year of study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. HKUST is a top-ranked international university with world-class faculty and facilities. For the third year, WBB students will move from the Pacific Rim to the heart of Europe to study at Università Bocconi. In the fourth year, WBB students choose one of the three partner universities to complete their studies.

Entry Requirements

Selection through A-Level grades, SAT/ACT score and other wider factors

Selection through Leaving Cert grades, SAT/ACT score and other wider factors


Yes: Video Presentation

Yes: Letter of Motivation

*Fees different every year, depending on host institution

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