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Social Sciences

Politics & International Relations

Bachelor International Relations

3 years

€3000 pa

Programme profile

This programme is designed to provide students with a well balanced interdisciplinary education focusing on European politics and international relations. The potential for in-depth policy analysis that comes from studying the political, judicial, economic, cultural and historical influences that shape the present-day world is an extremely marketable skill.

The programme aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to take advantage of an increasing range of professional opportunities with a European or an international dimension. The curriculum is comprised of a variety of modules in the field of humanities and social sciences, with importance attached to an intensive study of another foreign language. In addition to a comprehensive grounding in the discipline of International Relations, students can develop their specialisation further by choosing from a list of more advanced courses in political, legal and economic studies. The programme concludes with a written Bachelor's Thesis

Programme content

Basic Studies: French; Comparative World Religions; Political Philosophy; History of International Relations and Diplomacy

Core Studies: European Integration; EU History and Policies; The EU"s Common Foreign & Security Policy; 20th Century European History; European Union Law; Introduction to Political Science; International Political Economy; Public International Law; International Economics; Public Administration; International Conflicts; International Security Studies; Conflict Strategy

Special Studies [inc electives]: Contemporary Issues in International Relations; International Organisations; Political; Communication and Technology; Internship; Asian Studies; History of Estonia; Globalisation and Global Problems; Behaviour of Masses; Domestic and Foreign Policy of USA; Russia and the CIS; Human Rights Law

General Studies: Foreign Language; Informatics; Philosophy; Foundations of Law; Working Environment and Ergonomics; Logic; Principles of Research; Principles of Management; Communicational Psychology; Sociology


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

International Relations & European Studies

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels + 3 GCSE (Grades between A and C)

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at HC3. Subjects to include Maths





01 January

21 July