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BSc Aerospace Engineering

4 years

€1473 pa

Programme profile

Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design and construction of aircraft and spacecraft. The term began to be used at the end of the 1950's to include the areas of Aeronautical Engineering, related to designing systems that fly in the atmosphere, and Space Engineering or Astronautics, the design of propulsion vehicles and devices that are operated in space. Aerospace Engineering is high technology engineering. Products must be reliable, lightweight and efficient, and furthermore, they must generally operate in a hostile environment. These products range from space shuttles, satellites, rocket engines, helicopters, private airplanes and jets, military aircraft and commercial airplanes, to electronic guidance, navigation and security systems, turbo reactors for large aircraft and the special tools the technicians need for the maintenance of all these vehicles and systems.

This programme shares certain disciplines with Mechanical Engineering, such as thermodynamics and heat transmission, resistance of materials and structures, materials technology or fluid mechanics. Furthermore, training includes specific subjects such as aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, propulsion or flight dynamics and control, together with basic training in electronics and manufacturing.

Programme content

Year 1: Calculus; Linear Algebra; Physics; Computer Programming; Information Skills; Writing and Communication Skills; Chemistry; Engineering Graphics; Statistics

Year 2: Fluid Mechanics; Introduction to Mechanics of Flight; Advanced Mathematics; Introduction to Management; Aerospace Materials; Thermal Engineering; Introduction to Structural Analysis; Languages: French or German

Year 3: Aerodynamics; Aerospace Structures; Circuits and Electronics; Aerospace Propulsion; Humanities; Stability and Integrity of Aerospace Structures; Control of Aerospace Systems; Mechanics of Flight; Aerial navigation, Air Transport and Airports; Aerospace Design

Year 4:
Specialisation in Aerospace Vehicles: Aerospace Design; Financial Management; Aircraft Systems; Onboard Systems Design; Advanced Mechanics of Flight; Advanced Aerodynamics; Aeroelasticity; Aircraft Design

Specialisation in Aerospace Propulsion: Aerospace Design; Financial Management; Aircraft Systems; Combustion; Propulsion Systems; Turbomachinery; Rocket Motors; Aircraft Design

Internship at selected Labs and Companies or Electives


The university doesn't currently offer a related Masters programme, taught through English

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels, to include Maths & Physics

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at HC3 [to include Maths & Physics]




Selection made after conversion of your grades to points. Grade requirements are high.

04 November

24 July

Note that your qualifications need to have been approved by UNED by above deadline