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Bachelor of Architectural Technology & Construction Management

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Programme profile

If you wish to be a key person in the building industry, the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme is the right choice for you.


Bachelors of Architectural Technology and Construction Management are the professionals, who are able to participate in and coordinate the building process at all levels from concept to completion in the broadest sense. This includes new buildings as well as the renovation. During the studies you are able to specialise in design consultancy, facilities management and construction management.

BIM (building information modeling) is an integrated part of the education since we strongly believe that this is an essential and very important driver, which will have a strong impact on the future development and progression of the building industry. This programme focuses on problem based learning planned around a semester project situated in different countries and current strategic markets. The difficulty level increases throughout the education. There are 5 core areas: General, business, production, design and registration. On top of that sustainability and innovation/entrepreneurship is inherent in the projects and the working methodology in all subjects. The 6th semester is targeted to 20 weeks internship in Denmark or abroad, while the 7th semester is dedicated to the specialisation report and the bachelor project on an individual level.

Going international


More than half of our students are foreigners. This creates a special atmosphere; being a student in an international environment is a challenge and it calls for flexibility, but it also enhances your intercultural skills and prepares you for a future of worldwide opportunities.

We firmly believe that everybody who undertakes further education today will need to collaborate with professionals worldwide at some stage in their careers. This type of collaboration involves not just a need for language skills, but also the ability and willingness to enter into the spirit of other cultures both professionally, socially and historically. Such abilities tend to develop while students are working together across borders and nationalities.

International teams
Approximately 40 nationalities are represented among our international students. In addition to full degree students, we have a large number of exchange students joining in. Full degree students also have the opportunity to apply for an exchange semester at one of our collaborating partner institutions.The intercultural cooperation and understanding is developed by working in teams of mixed nationalities. In short: We think globally – we act globally!

Career opportunities
Your future employer will be national companies working abroad or international companies. In order to gain a position in such a company you must develop competencies within the following areas on top of the governmental requirements of the programme. You must:

Be an international team player
Have good communication skills
Have a cultural understanding and responsibility
Have a democratic approach
Have an independent personality
Be able to make decisions
Be flexible and adventurous


The Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme is accredited by The Danish Ministry of Education. The programme is also accredited by RICS, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.The graduates’ academic level may be compared with a BSc. (Hon), a British Bachelor Degree with honours.

Programme content

In this programme, you will learn to design, plan and manage building and civil engineering projects. You will always be working on a defined project, and the course will give you a grounding in the whole construction process, from the initial outline proposal to the rules for the 5-year follow-up inspection.

In addition to planning and design, you will learn skills including surveying and recording, choosing materials and drawing in Revit. You will also learn to communicate with authorities, developers, clients and contractors.

Production: methods of production and quality management , managing the practical execution of a building and civil engineering project

Design: design assignments, in accordance with the phase model of the construction project

Business: a thorough grounding in the organisational relationships within the building and civil engineering industry and in financial management and development-related assignments. This module also includes construction law. You will learn to use legal instruments

Surveying: site surveys on site; and conducting surveying assignments.


The institute does not currently any related Masters programmes, taught through English

Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education(with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels. Subjects to include Maths

Leaving Certificate, showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade C3, other subjects at least Grade D3 [Pass at A or B will be considered]. Pass Maths will be considered for Maths requirement. FETAC Level 5 Certificates and Level 6 Advanced Certificates will be considered for admission only to same study field as they would gain entry for in Ireland.




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