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Business & Management

Bachelor in International Business

3 years

€9500 pa

Programme profile

This programme is designed for students interested in management and international business. They will be taught to manage projects for international companies and to operate in complex business environments, in an ethically responsible and sustainable way.

Through a mix of theoretical and applied knowledge, the programme provides students with a solid understanding of the international economic environment; an initial exposure to the business world, with its various elements; and a strong foundation in the disciplines of management.

During their third year of the bachelor students will have the opportunity to choose electives in areas such as marketing, financial reporting and analysis, international negotiation, capital markets, and international project management.

A significant part of the programme is dedicated to personal development where students build managerial skills and key competencies to become professionals who will contribute effectively to the performance of multicultural teams. Personal development courses through sport and cultural activities foster the development of managerial skills and key competencies.

Programme features include a strong global and practical approach, a panel of experienced international lecturers and a seven month international internship

Programme content

Examples of 1st-year modules:
Mathematics for Business;Applied Economics;Intercultural Communication;Business Ethics;Career Development;Marketing Management;Finance Fundamentals

Examples of 2nd-year modules:
Human Resources Management;Fundamentals of Strategy;B to B Marketing;B to C Marketing;Financial Markets;Corporate Social Responsibility;International Business Law

Examples of 3rd-year modules:
Applied Corporate Finance;Entrepreneurship;E-Commerce;International Project Management;Performance Management;Thesis/Consulting; ProjectManagement Skills

There are three internships in total with each taking place at the end of the academic year. The goal is to provide a wide range of company experience and teach students how to approach assignments and working relationships in a professional environment. They can apply their new-found knowledge in real world situations while receiving guidance and feedback from managers and colleagues. New contacts made during their internships help create your future professional networks.

French Language
French language lessons are mandatory for non-Francophone international students and part of the course requirements.


The BBA program is meant for students who are interested in working directly after graduation. However, should you decide to continue at the MSc level you may apply to any of IESG's MSc programmes, including its recently well-ranked Masters in Management

Entry Requirements

2 A-levels + 3 GCSE , inc Maths at either level

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate, of which at least 4 are Higher Level passes. Subjects to include Maths



Yes: Letter of Motivation

15 October

26 June