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Bachelor of Business Administration & Informatics

3.5 years

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Programme profile

Global competition is a complex and new task for most companies today. They need employees who see international challenges as normal, not exceptional, parts of their career. This programme meets that need by focusing on international economics. In cooperation with the Swiss German University in Jakarta, Indonesia, an international team of lecturers prepare students from numerous countries to master global demands efficiently.Special emphasis is put on Information Technology as a basis for global networks. As in business enterprises, modern tools such as SAP software are used.

Students may also obtain a double degree: this involves additional enrolment at the Swiss German University with the option of studying one or two semesters in Indonesia [Supplementary Fee of EUR400]

Programme content

Compulsory Modules:
International English Communication and Self-Management, Communication in Global Business, Competence in Business Activities, English for Academic Purposes, Advanced English Language and Academic Competence, Advanced Competence in Academic Writing and Presenting, Business Administration, Business Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Management Information Systems, IT Introduction, Cost Accounting, Economics: Micro- and Macroeconomics, Databases, Statistics, Marketing, Corporate Finance, Management and Organisation, Enterprise Planning/e-Business, Business Law, Project Management, Programming, Controlling and Auditing, International Management, Operations Research, Logistics, Business Plan Seminar, ERP Lab Exercises and the Bachelor's Project

Innovation Management, International Corporate Communications, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research, Quality Management, Service Management, International Economics, Actual Developments in Business, Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence, E-Business, ERP Application Programming, Net Economy, Information Management and Current Developments in Business IT

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels, inc Maths. and Three GCSEs

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate (inc 2 x H5, one of which must be Maths). At least one subject to be relevant to programme you are applying for.

IB students must present Higher Level Maths




* Note, there are no tuition fees but there is a semester fee of about EUR250, to cover admin expenses

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