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Bachelor of Fine Arts: Visual Communication

3 years

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Programme profile

Do you want to use visual communication to make a difference in the world? Then this is the right degree for you.

The programme combines creativity and graphic design with knowledge of sustainability to prepare you for a profession as a visual communicator / graphic designer with a specialisation in information graphics. This programme gives you an introduction to today’s major global concerns, as well as visual tools to help bring order to a sometimes overwhelming flow of information, and to truly affect people.

The programme is delivered through a series of projects, and you will work independently as well as engage in group work, and in collaborations with the local and regional community and enterprises.

Programme content

The programme gradually develops the student’s knowledge, understanding and ability on the basis of two progression perspectives:

1. From visual communication at the level of details to visual communication at an overarching level.
2. From individual and local values, interests and incentives to global ones.

The two perspectives on progression meet and are integrated in all courses and are supported by collaborations between practical work, theory and artistic creativity. This educational approach enables learning through practical work, experience, theory, articulation and reflection. Throughout the degree, the student is supported by design-relevant research tools

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and 3 GCSEs

Six passes at LC, to inc 2 x H5

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16 October

15 April