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Bachelor of Health: Physiotherapy

3 years

€3530 pa

Programme profile

This programme is run at the European School of Physiotherapy. This accelerated programme has been specifically designed for students who wish to complete their studies within a short period, but you should note that the programme is high pressure with short holidays breaks.

Studying at the ESP means that you are taught a combination of theoretical subjects and practical skills from the beginning. Physiotherapy concerns a broad field of different activities. Each year of the programme starts with a period of training and theory and is concluded by practical experience in an internship. The programme includes three internships of which two are completed outside the Netherlands.

This is three-year accelerated programme. This programme is very intensive: in this accelerated 3 year programme, each academic year comprises 48 weeks of 53 hours each. You will complete an internship during the summer at an associated clinic in your home country or elsewhere.

Programme content

Foundation Phase: Introduction to Physiotherapy; Anatomy; Patient Assessment; Electrotherapy; Massage & Applied Anatomy; Physics; Physiology; Exercise Therapy; Kinesiology; Psychology; Pathology; Career Planning; Medical Anthropology; CPR/ First Aid; Clinical Sessions; neurology

In-Depth Phase: Patient Assessment; Kinesiology; neurology; Psychology; Special Courses; Evidence-Based Practice; Electrotherapy; Exercise Therapy; Physiology; Clinical sessions; EBP; Pathology; Electives; Applied Sports Medicine; Massage & Applied Anatomy; Orthopedics; Career Planning; Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation

End Phase: Clinical Sessions; Evidence-based Practice; neurology; Thesis; Electives; Integration Physiotherapy; Patient Assessment & Problem-Solving; Orthopedics; Special courses; Career planning


Graduates can practice as a Physiotherapist in UK and Ireland (subject to approval by CORU of your hospital placements). Hospital placements are usually very limited in Ireland and will need to be found in other jurisdictions.

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (CCC) and 3 GCSEs

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate inc 2 x H5 (minimum 350 points)



Motivation statement part of application form

01 October

15 January