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Bachelor of Health: Physiotherapy

4 years

€3143 pa

Programme profile

This programme suits people who want to combine thought and action. Right from the first year, you put the theoretical knowledge you have gathered into practice. In the beginning, you practise your skills on your fellow students, as they of course do on you. You usually work in small groups of about twelve students.

As a physiotherapist you work on the quality of life. A defective locomotor apparatus restricts people in their activities. It affects their freedom. Whether it is an old lady recovering from a hip operation, a construction worker with back complaints or a sportsman with an injury - all of them are hampered in their possibilities. In these cases, pain often plays an important part. As a physiotherapist, you have a number of techniques and instruments at your disposal to help the patients referred to you by their GP. Sometimes you are able to remedy complaints, sometimes you may prevent them and sometimes you can assist people to manage optimally within their limitations.

Each year of the programme has four blocks and in the first eight blocks the various categories of patients occupy a central position. Of each category: varying from neurological to orthopaedic and rheumatological patients - you will study both normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology. Moreover, you will of course study the symptoms you may encounter. Apart from this, both the psychological aspect of coming to terms with disease and also its psychosocial consequences will get its full share of attention.

Programme content

Year 1:
With the help of various categories of patients, you look at a range of medical-biological and physiotherapeutic subjects. You will also start studying subjects such as psychology, sociology, psychopathology and communication skills.

Year 2:
You will study more in depth both theory and methods of treatment.

Years 3 & 4: characterised by internships, studying in greater width and depth and doing a graduating project. You will do three ten-week internships. Apart from that, you will use one entire ten-week period to finish your final paper and your graduating assignment.

Specialisations: during your programme, you can specialise in the following fields: Health Care; Occupational Health and Safety; Sports Physiotherapy.

As a member of the European Network of Physiotherapy Higher Education (ENPHE), this programme is involved in the development of the European standard for physiotherapists. Through this network you can acquire a truly international outlook, by taking a Semester Abroad.


The university currently offers no related Masters programmes, taught through English

Entry Requirements

Two A-Levels and four GCSEs OR relevant BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 x H4 OR relevant QQI/FETAC Level 5



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01 October

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