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Bachelor of International Law

3 years

€2700 pa

Programme profile

The emphasis of the programme in Tallinn Law School [at Tallinn University of Technology] is on the development of a systematic understanding of law and justice, and of the lawyer"s special obligation to society, as well as the analytical and argumentative skills which are the hallmarks of successful and respected attorneys, judges, and executives. From the very beginning of the programme, students take a broad range of subjects in international, comparative, and European Union law. The range of international, comparative, and European Union law subjects offered ensures that the programme is highly respected.

Programme content

Basic Studies:
Foundations of Scientific Research : Philosophy; Foundations of Law; Legislative Drafting; Comparative Law; Legal Writing ; Encyclopaedia of Law; Introduction to Political Science ; Introduction to Sociology ; Basic of Organisational Psychology

Core Studies: Human Rights Law; Law of International Contracts; European Union Law; EU Internal Market Law; Public International Law; Constitutional Law; Penal Law; Administrative Law; Intellectual Property Law; Labour Law; Private Law; Property Law; Law of Obligations; International Intellectual Property Law; Comparative Constitutional Law; International and Comparative Labour Law; Comparative Property Law; Comparative Criminal Law; Comparative Contract Law

General Studies: Environmental Policy; Informatics; Working Environment and Ergonomics; Innovation


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Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (grades between A and E) + 3 GCSE (grades between A and C), inc Maths

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H5. LC subjects to include Maths



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01 January

21 July