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Bachelor of Primary Education

4 years

€2166 pa

Programme profile

The programme aims to provide a multidisciplinary training of future teachers in primary education. Its main objectives are to enable students to:

-understand the function, possibilities and limits of school education and the fundamental competences which affect the different contexts of primary education

- master the different subjects and didactics, as well as their multidisciplinary relationship.

-design and regulate areas of learning in the context of diversity with regard to respect for one another

- maintain a critical and autonomous relationship with capacity for initiative.

- design, develop and evaluate educational projects and teaching and learning processes.

- know and implement, in the classroom, information and communication technologies.

- act as a mediator in every activity which is undertaken and to stimulate the potential development of students as part of a team.

- analyze the context in which one’s activity is developed and to plan in accord with a changing society.

- exercise monitoring functions, orientation of students, and the evaluation of their learning.

- acquire knowledge and tools to help the foundation of the psycho-pedagogical thinking in the educational process

The programme will comprise a series of teaching and learning processes that will involve the students in a wide range of academic disciplines, based on six main themes: mathematics, language studies, experimental sciences, social sciences, musical and physical education

Programme content

Year 1: School Organisation;Spanish History and Culture;Theory of Education;Ethics and Social Responsibility of Education;Social History of Education; ICT in Education;Social Psychology of Education; Sociology of Education;Educational Research Methodology;Audiovisual Communication and Education

Year 2: Mathematics/Teaching ; Spanish Language and Literature/Teaching ;Social Science Teaching; Music Education;Physical Education ;English Language/Teaching;Focus on Diversity and Educational Inclusion: Implications on Teaching; Modern Language

Year 3: Didactics of Mathematics;Didactics of Spanish Language and Literature ;Didactics of Social Sciences;Didactics of Natural Sciences; Music Education; Physical Education; Experimental Sciences in Primary Education;Social Sciences in Primary Education;Internship;

Year 4: Didactics of Natural Sciences; Internship; Final Project

Note: six modules [four in the second year], are taught through Spanish

Entry Requirements

Three A Levels and Three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, of which two are H5

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