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Environmental Engineering

BEng Energy & Environmental Engineering

4 years

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Programme profile

The programme provides the student with skills in environmental analysis, monitoring, management and technology, adopting a holistic approach to managing the environment and the world's natural resources in sustainable ways.

The core of the programme is in life-cycle thinking, quality issues and environmental impact assessment, and management of sustainable systems within public administration, enterprises and industry. 

In the third year, students will choose a specialisation, in one of the following areas:

- Advanced Environmental Technology
- International Energy Technology and Management 
- Logistics and Environment
- Business and Entrepreneurship

It is highly recommended that every student should spend at least a part of the compulsory practical training period in international tasks and take part in some of the international projects run by the study programme.

Programme content

The programme at both basic and advanced levels concentrates on giving students comprehensive skills in environmental and natural sciences, economics, technology, communication, leadership, ethics, as well as the actual tools for management. The thesis, and the practical placement are directly related to real problems and the solution of these problems, in various enterprises or administrative projects.

In the first two years, the objectives are to provide students with a comprehensive exposure to the various fields of Environmental Engineering and Management, and to equip them with the information and skills to create and manage environmental systems. A solid base in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computing allow students to develop specialised knowledge in all ecosystems and their management. At the very heart of the programme is the development of skills for Environmental Assessment and Auditing, Total Quality, Risk Assessment, and Technology for Environmental Engineering.

Two specialisations are available: Environmental Technology and Environmental Management, which are designed to provide students with more specialised skills and knowledge in the various fields to equip them to assess and solve environmental management problems.

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels & 3 GCSEs

Transfer opportunities for students with relevant qualifications from Further Education.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths

Transfer opportunities for students with relevant qualifications from Further Education.

Yes (or SAT)



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