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BEng Global Management and Manufacturing

3.5 years

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Programme profile

With a bachelor of engineering degree in Global Management and Manufacturing you can start a new company anywhere from Alaska to new Zealand. You will be in charge of the organisation, recruit staff and manage the manufacturing process. This programme offers not only an international study environment but the possibility of going abroad for your internship or for a study period.

The main content of the study programme can be illustrated by four main themes: Supply Chain Management: Production and Operations Management ; Business Management; International Orientation and Cultural Understanding ; Development of Personal Learning Skills The programme emphasises project work and several projects are made in close cooperation with the industry.

Each term, classes will be based on a company related project. You are introduced to the necessary theoretical knowledge through relevant courses that support the project theme. The university has a major network of industrial partners in Denmark as well as abroad. These partnerships create joint research and development projects: as well as an opportunities for students when they are ready to embark on their five-month engineering internship.

Programme content

The first four semesters are centred on a main project for each term, besides the academic disciplines. The first term project deals with the full value chain in a company and gives students a general view of the entire course. Subsequent projects are concerned with more detailed problems in a specific sector of the value chain.

The projects, which will be carried out in groups, will be carried out either in a company or in close cooperation with a company, will deal with real life problems based on experiences of the company in question.

The fifth semester focuses on international aspects and is a specialisation term. You can choose to study abroad, for example if a specific university offers a subject in which you want to specialise, or you can remain in Denmark and carry out a project in cooperation with a project group from an international university. The courses will include various optional subjects, which enables the student to specialise in his or her special field of interest.

The sixth semester includes an internship either abroad or in a Danish company. It is here that theory is put into practice and students are given a wealth of practical engineering experience. The seventh semester is the final term, which is dedicated the preparation of a final project. The final project is carried out in close collaboration with a company


The university offers related Masters programmes in the following areas:

- Product Development and Innovation
- Innovation and Business

Graduates cab also progress to an MSc Economics.

Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels. Subjects to include Maths and Physics

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths and Physics

For students not selected through Grade Average

For students not selected through Grade Average

For students not selected through Grade Average

01 February

15 March