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BSc Artificial Intelligence

3 years

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Programme profile

Autonomous vehicles, healthcare robots, intelligent household appliances, autonomous irrigation and fertilizer systems, smart digital assistants: Artificial Intelligence is finding its way into our everyday lives. Be at the forefront to help shape the great digital revolution.

Experts say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be more groundbreaking than electricity. Those who are one step ahead can play a key role in contributing to the way our future lives will be shaped. The new Bachelor's degree program in Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides you with an ideal start to this mission. You control how and what machines learn. You develop the learning algorithms and methods needed for making intelligent decisions.

Why is the JKU the perfect place for this? Because Linz is a globally recognized hot-spot in AI research.  But above all: Because you don't just want to experience the future, you want to actively create it.

Programme content

The curriculum has been designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and education in computer sciences, mathematics, and core fields in Artificial Intelligence:

Computer Science: Learn Python programming as well as core base-knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
Mathematics: Learn core mathematics relevant to AI.
AI Basics and Practical Work: Courses and practicums are hands-on, focusing on core skills and abilities to address real-world problems.
AI and Society: How smart can machines be and how can we use them in our everyday lives? You will focus on just how important AI is for our society and how smart machines interact with people.
Data Science: Get information using mathematical, statistical and computer science techniques. Learn all about speech processing and signal processing.
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: How can knowledge be transferred to a machine in such a way that allows it to draw conclusions or solve problems?
Machine Learning and Perception: How can machines learn from information input and experiences to address future tasks? How do machines perceive their environment and learn to understand it? Can machines learn more than humans?

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels . to include Maths and a Science subject

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers. Subjects to include Maths

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate, including Maths and a Science subject at H5




01 May

05 September

* * note semester fee for services: Eur383