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BSc Bioinformatics

3 years

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Programme profile

The rapid growth of various biological data which is stored in databases and is suitable for computer management and analysis has created the need for experts who have mastered techniques in the areas of mathematics and computer and information sciences. In addition, boundaries between the various profiles of natural scientists (biologists, chemists and physicists) are becoming increasingly blurred, and therefore the various tools used in bioinformatics have become invaluable.

A classically trained biologist is normally unfamiliar with statistics and is not skilled in computer science; however these skills will be increasingly demanded in this work environment. A classically trained mathematician or computer scientist, on the other hand, does not have the knowledge of biology and chemistry required for a career in bioinformatics.

Students on this programme will acquire basic knowledge in the natural sciences (biochemistry, biology, genetics, chemistry, and physics), computer science and mathematics, and also specific bioinformatics-related knowledge.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, in 2 x H5




11 February

30 August

In the event of there being more applicants than places, selection is based on your Leaving Cert/IB/A-Level grades.