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Communications & Media

BSc Communication & Media

3 years

€2168 pa

Programme profile

Media, telecommunications, computer networks, and creative industries touch many aspects of daily lives and reach every corner of the world. They have had an increasing impact on political and cultural life, and on entire economies across the globe. The shift in our everyday experiences towards enhanced mediation has had enormous consequences. It has transformed international relations and business opportunities, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people's personal and working lives. This programme produces graduates who thrive in this dynamic environment.

In the first part of your third year you have the option of spending a study period abroad at one of our partner universities. If you don't opt for a study abroad you are required to take a minor in another field of study at Erasmus University. In term 3 of your third year you are required to take an internship.

Programme content

Year 1: Introduction to Human Communication; Introduction to Social Science Research; Information & Communication Skills; Media Processes and Influences; Key Concepts in the Social Sciences; Introduction to Statistical Analysis; Communication and Organisations; Communication as a Social Force; Media Systems in Comparative Perspective; Communication Technologies and their Impacts ; Cultural Influences on Communication

Year 2: International and Global Communication ; one of following focus themes: Media and Politics, ICTs and International Development, Media Entertainment & Popular Culture or The Business of Media; two Minor Electives in another disicipline; Quantitative Methods in Media and Communication; Communication Management; Qualitative Methods in Media and Communication; New Media Production. I

In Term 2, students choose two of following focus areas: Media Campaigns, Corporate Communication, Communication & International Relations, International Journalism, Global Television, Media and Diversity, Media Audiences and Effects, Media Representations of War, Global Advertising, Media Industry Trends; Public Diplomacy; or Transmedia Practices; Research Workshop

Year 3: Communication Ethics; Applied Communications Research; Either Internship [OR another Minor Elective [from another discipline] and a focus area, chosen from same subjects as choice offered in Term 2 in previous year]; Bachelor"s Thesis


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Media, Culture & Society
- Media & Business
- Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels, inc Maths + 3 GCSEs
Alternative evidence of Maths proficiency is accepted [e,g, SAT]

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers. Subjects to include Maths.

Six "general/academic" subjects at Leaving Certificate, including at least two at H4. Subjects to include H5 Maths

Alternative evidence of Maths proficiency is accepted [e,g, SAT]




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