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Information Technology

Computer Science

BSc Computer Science & Engineering

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

This programme is divided into two majors, each with its own profile.

Choose Software Science if you are more interested in general computer science and technologies. Software Science teaches you to design and develop underlying software systems of many things around us as you delve into the engineering of computer science.

Choose Web Science if you want to understand and create new developments relating to the Web. Web Science combines computer science with other disciplines to understand how the Web was created, is used and will develop.

Or choose them both, if you like to take up an extra challenge! When you are enrolled in the programme, you can follow the programme of both majors).

You can switch between both majors during the first year.

Web Science attempts to understand the Web and its users, not only from a technical perspective but also in terms of its use. Why do new services exist? How do online services work, such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Docs, Facebook, Gmail? What can go wrong and how can we prevent this?

Everyone realises that the Web is no hype. But many applications are, and they disappear fast. Web Science puts the emphasis on the stable fundamentals of the Web. You learn about the technical aspects of the Web, and the fundamental principles behind it. You also learn to understand the role of the Web in society, and this demands knowledge of psychology, sociology, law and economics.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels, including Maths at C or above

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, two at H4 [inc Maths]




10 October

15 January