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BSc Data Science

3 years

€2083 pa

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Data is collected about anything at any time, at any place. The ultimate goal is not to collect more data but to turn it into real value. Data can answer questions that have never been asked before. Visualization of data can really help discovering remarkable patterns that were never noticed before. Data Science is a new engineering discipline and the main driver for innovation in the years to come. Just like computer science emerged as a new discipline from mathematics when computers became available, we now see data science as a new discipline driven by the torrents of data available today.

The data scientist will be the engineer of the future and scientific research and innovations will be data driven.The aims of Data Science are to answer questions such as 'what happened (reporting)', 'why did it happen (diagnosis)', 'what will happen (prediction)', and 'what is the best that can happen (recommendation)'.To adequately answer such questions there is not just a need for raw data and more computing power. Expertise from various disciplines is needed to transform data into actionable information and provide real value to people and organisations.

Programme content

This programme is a joint programme with Tilburg University,  where you will learn to spot trends for businesses, government agencies or non-profit organizations. Besides the technical side you will also learn to deal with social issues which relate to Data Science. The program is a varied, interdisciplinary education and includes subjects such as Data Mining, Data Science Ethics, Law and Data Science, Human Technology Interaction, Data Statistics and Business Analytics.





Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels (inc Maths at C, or above) and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H4




10 October

01 May