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BSc Data Science

3 years

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Programme profile

With a BSc in Data Science, you will become the next generation analyst — a data scientist with comprehensive analytical and technical skills covering all aspects of handling and analysing data. By deriving key insights from data, you will be driving the decision-making of the future. You will learn to work in interdisciplinary teams and not only make sense of vast amounts of data, but also use your organisational knowledge and market understanding to make a difference.

Businesses and other organisations worldwide are accumulating enormous quantities of data for software or market research, disaster prediction, investment analysis, policy development, artificial intelligence, preventive initiatives in health and much more. However, there is a widespread lack of professionals with the know-how to harvest intelligence from this data

Programme content

he Data Science is a programme of data science-focussed mathematics and statistics, computer science and applied social science. Through extensive project work, students are trained in applying these skills in realistic settings, including interacting with domain experts and decision makers in industry to formulate relevant goals and to support data-driven decision-making processes. After your first year, you will choose between two tracks:

-The technical track

- The business track

While both tracks will allow you to develop sophisticated computational skills, the technical track provides additional skills needed to implement large-scale systems and  the business track puts extra emphasis on how to apply your technical skills in a business context.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels, including a high grade in Maths

Six passes at Leaving Certificate (inc 2 x H5). A good grade in Higher Maths required




01 February

15 March