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BSc Economics & Business Administration

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What is the most efficient way to fight climate change? How do international trade and migration affect global inequality? What is the best way to promote innovation? How can we design institutions that provide resilience against shocks such as financial crises? At Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Economics, you will learn to systematically address questions like these – and many others.

Economics is a social science building on rigorous theoretical models and careful data analysis. You will study formal modelling, empirical methods and institutions at the leading centre for economic research in Finland.

Aalto offers world-class training that combines analytical, computation and data processing skills that are in high demand in a wide variety of careers.

Programme content

During the first year of studies, you will take a sequence of principles of economics courses, which introduce you to the economic approach to analysing different local and global social problems. It builds upon the CORE-Econ project developed by a global community of learners, teachers and researchers in economics, offering a problem-motivated and interactive way to learn economics The first-year studies also contain mathematics and programming courses taught by the School of Science.

During the second year, you will take a sequence of more advanced courses in economics. You will learn to analyse the behavior of economic actors; the functioning of various markets; policy responses to market imperfections; macroeconomic phenomena, national and international institutions, and public finance. You will also learn to apply mathematical, statistical and programming techniques to real economic problems.

During your third year of studies, you will take more specialized courses in economics (such as digital markets, energy and environmental economics, money and banking, urban economics, economic history) and will write your B.Sc. thesis.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels & Three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H5

Yes: SAT (for sts who dont have IB or EB)


Yes: Letter of Motivation

09 January

23 January