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BSc European Studies

3 years

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Programme profile

This programme focuses upon regional development. You will have the opportunity of analysing and understanding the developments in Europe: including the regions of Europe. The contents of the programme are based in the Social Sciences and the Humanities and will give you knowledge of the problems and ideas of European integration, European institutions and European law, as well as about topics and ideas of European identity and culture. In addition, you will acquire knowledge of the basic elements of marketing and organisations, and of issues in regional development. You will also learn empirical methods and develop skills in project development, IT and communication. You will able to specialise in economics and business administration, or culture and politics.

The programme ends with a bachelor's project during the sixth term. This offers you the opportunity: usually in collaboration with a business or an organization: to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired. The project therefore makes it possible for you to specialize in one of the subjects or one of the areas you have become particularly interested in during your studies.

Programme content

Year 1: Modern European History; Introduction to Organizational Behaviour; Introduction to European Issues & Concepts; Economic Geography; Political Theory; EU Institutions and EU Law; Business IT; Qualitative Inquiry

Year 2: Economics of International Integration; Competitive Strategy of Regions; European Identity and Culture; Statistics; Regional Economics and Development; Intercultural Business Communication; Students must choose between the Business Specialisation or the Culture and Politics Specialisation

Year 3: Bachelor"s Thesis; Project Development; Study Abroad, Internship or: European Competition Law;Marketing


The university offers a related Masters programme, taught through English, in the following area:

- European Studies

Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels.Subjects to include A/S Level Maths and A/S Level History OR Economics OR Social Studies [or equivalent]

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers. Subjects to include Maths AND History OR Economics [or equivalent social studies subject]

Leaving Certificate, showing at least 6 subjects including 2 x H5. Subjects to include Maths and History or Social Studies or Economics [or equivalent]. Level 5 Certificates will be considered for admission only to same study field as they would gain entry for in Ireland.

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