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BSc Medical Biology: Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine

3 years

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Programme profile

This programme is for you, if you are interested in applying theory in Biomedicine in projects from industry, healthcare or academia? Learning how to manage running projects with skills in entrepreneurship and business development.

This programme will provide deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience of state-of-the-art research techniques in fundamental biomedical fields; such as cell and molecular biology, medical biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology as well as novel areas of drug discovery, systems biology, bioinformatics and digital pathology. Throughout the programme you will also work in project-driven courses to apply your knowledge. To ensure that you can translate research breakthroughs into clinical products and services the programme trains students in the latest approaches in project management, clinical trial design, bioentrepreneurship, drug regulation and medical ethics. You will also have the opportunity to spend an entire semester performing research at LiU or at one of our industrial partners, in Sweden or abroad.

During each semester you will be engaged in real projects from healthcare, industry or academia. By meeting potential customer with new projects, you will integrate a comprehensive set of personal, interpersonal, and professional biomedical knowledge with the laboratory skills.

Entry Requirements

Three A- Levels (Chemistry, Biology and Maths) & Three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 at H5. Chemistry, Biology and Maths required.




16 October

15 April