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Engineering & Business

BSc Industrial Engineering

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

In this programme, you examine a business process from the perspectives of people, engineering and organisation. You develop a thorough theoretical basis and pay great attention to the practical applications of this knowledge. A whole series of factors plays a role in the performance of any business process.

Obviously, the engineering used is important whether the process involves machines, means of transport, operating rooms or computers. The way in which people are evaluated and treat one another also has an effect. And the style of planning and management: how are capacity and resources used? Only once you assess these aspects, will you know what you need to adjust to improve performance

Programme content

This programme gives you a thorough theoretical basis through Mathematics, Statistics and Research Methods. In addition to studying these basic subjects, you will extend your knowledge with subjects such as: Logistical Modelling, Organizational Psychology, Quality Management, Business Economics and Innovation Management.

The theory is always translated into practical applications. You’ll do many group projects: for example, you may analyse (part of) a business process in a supermarket, at KLM, at Philips or at Rabobank. The further you progress into the programme, the stronger is the basis in real cases you work on. At the end of the third year you’ll analyse a genuine business situation fully independently, in the field.

Entry Requirements

Three A-levels (inc Maths) and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, with 2 at H4 (inc Maths)

No, but there is a Selection Day



10 October

15 January