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BSc Interaction Design

3 years

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Programme profile

Interaction design is an exciting field at the cutting edge of technology innovation. Interaction designers aim to create experiences using products, services and environments that are not just useful and functional, but often expressive and desirable.

Learning interaction design is a matter of building a repertoire of methods, skills and theoretical perspectives. Importantly, you will also develop a sensitivity to the critical role of stakeholders in design, the implications of design in society, and your own sense of interaction aesthetics.

Innovative, considered and well-executed design adds value to products and services. Interaction designers seek to understand the people and situations they are designing for, and, drawing on their mastery of interactive technology and forms of interactivity, design artefacts and experiences to improve situations

During the programme, you will conduct extensive research, sketch, prototype and test — not just to get the right design, but to get the design right. Designers very often take the role of advocate for the user, and are skilled in mediating complex issues and relationship with stakeholders involved in the design and production process.

Programme content

You will not only pick up the applied skills of an interaction designer — conducting fieldwork, programming, making mock-ups, creating concept videos, and so on — you will also engage with cutting-edge forms of interactivity and deep, theoretical perspectives on design and interaction. You will develop reflective, critical approaches, understanding not only how to create, but also when and why (or why not).

You will learn how interaction design is part of the tradition of design, with a focus on the design of interactivity — not just how an artefact looks or what it does, but how it responds and how it feels to use. Exploring and expressing interactivity requires technical skills. As such, you will have to opportunity to acquire and develop basic programming skills throughout the programme. We teach programming in a way that is relevant for interaction design and that any motivated student can learn. You will prototype interactive experiences across a range of devices and platforms, including for web and mobile.

The products and services interaction designers create are not just software. We have a strong tradition and world-class facilities for working with physical formats, and you will learn techniques such as laser-cutting and 3-D printing. Together with basic electronic skills and a microprocessor, you will be able to develop concepts related to the Internet of Things, wearables and other forms of smart products.

You won’t just make good-looking mock-ups, you'll bring your ideas to life.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, nc 2 x H5




16 October

15 April